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the story of how the fCTO program came to be

The Story

Back in 2012, a friend of mine was starting digital marketing agency.  Her project management and business development skills were unparalleled but she needed somebody who can convert business logic into actual functioning technology. She needed somebody to interface with her client and vendor tech teams as well as speak intelligently about how her technology worked, but really couldn't afford a full-time tech person.  

I wasn't looking for a full time position anyway, but was happy to help.  I said, "Just call me your CTO".

Over the ensuing 10+ years, I continued to find ways to help high end digital marketing firms who had great strategy and creativity but lacked the technical resources to get to the next level.  None of them wanted or needed full time resources, and I enjoyed being part of multiple teams.  The term "CTO" fit really well, so I continued to offer it as a white-labeled position for each of my clients.

In 2022, one of my client's started fielding the question, "How do I get a 'Matt'?"  Out of that simple question, the Fronteras fCTO service was born.

Matt Spangler



The Problem:

Most SMBs, unless they are a technology company themselves, can't justify a full-time CTO.  But as most types of businesses are being pushed to the web or need technological efficiencies to stay relevant, they require the insight of an invested team member whose sole responsibility is conveying business intelligence to functional technology.

Perhaps hiring a senior developer is in the budget, but they often lack the executive experience to serve in the role that's really needed.  

And simply outsourcing your technology decision-making means that you're trusting it to a disinterested 3rd party.

The Solution:

The solution is an embedded C-level technologist who adapts to your culture and works with your existing team, but only charges you for the time that is actually required to do their job. 

Enter the fCTO.  

Whether you need help optimizing your marketing and web presence, overseeing an offshore development and engineering team, or simply automating your back office processes to gain efficiencies, you need somebody who has seen it all and understands the rest of your business.


Scale the engagement level up and down based on where you are in your tech journey.


We embed ourselves into your leadership team and function as a vested member.


Don't pay for a full-time executive when part-time is all you need.

See the Difference

Check out this sample use case

fCTO w/ 1 Offshore Developer

  • $36,000 - fCTO
  • $31,200 - 1 full-time offshore developer
  • $67,200 total tech staff expense
  • C-level leadership and technical experience
  • Elastic staffing to ramp up and down as needed, or swap out personnel completely based on specific skill requirements

Salaried Software Engineer

  • $140k base salary
  • $20k additional compensation
  • $160k total compensation
  • Committed cost regardless of workload
  • No executive leadership experience
  • Rigid tech stack based on engineer's preferences and experiences

Next Step:

The next step is to schedule a strategy call to see how an fCTO might fit into your current organization.  Our program is customizable to your specific needs in budget.  Whether it's a one-time tech audit to uncover issues put you on the right path, or an ongoing relationship to help oversee your tech teams and guide your tech stack implementation, we will propose the most appropriate solution for you.

But I encourage you take that step today.  We work with a limited number of concurrent clients and only have a few slots available.

Have a question but NO time for a call?  Shoot us an email and we will get you an answer.

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