From C-level to developers to marketing ops...

We offer fractional solutions that address your needs and your budget, while allowing you to focus on doing more of what you love.

What We Offer

Your One Stop Shop for Fractional Tech and Marketing


Expert guidance at a fraction of the cost.  Fronteras fractional CTO's 20 years of experience generates a cohesion between the finance, marketing and technology sections of your company allowing for maximum efficiency of your time.


Get back to what you love doing most by allowing us to supply Fractional Developers (fDev) and Fractional Marketing Implementation Specialist (fMIS) to make your dreams and plans a reality.

Targeted Services

From tracking services, email deliverability audits or custom dev projects, our targeted services allow you to maximize the impact to your bottom line.


We use our experience to create yours

Matt Spangler -

Matt has been architecting technical solutions to Internet security, digital marketing, and operations efficiency problems for over 20 years.

Combined with his years of executive experience launching and running various small businesses, and time spent developing marketing strategies as well, his technical track record has made him a sought-after consultant for companies looking to bridge the gap between business logic and technical implementation.

Jon Stacy -

Jon serves, along with his family, as a missionary in Santa Rosa de Copán.  Jon is a graduate of Harding University with a degree in Accounting.  His diverse background of business experiences brings a unique perspective to the table to help manage our in-house team and provide a deep understanding of business operations and strategies, as well as the ability to analyze and interpret data to make informed business decisions


The unique stackability of our services allows you to customize the best solution for your business. You are never limited to just one type of service.  For example, you could leverage an fCTO to guide strategy and an fDev or fMIS to carry it out.  Or maybe combine our Email Deliverability and WordPress managed services.

Socially Responsible

We believe that we have limited time to make the largest impact possible.  So we focus on training and equipping the youth of Honduras, empowering them to thrive in spite of their socio-economic reality.


Not only with your money, but also with your most valuable asset - your time.  We are never more than a 2-hour time difference from any client in the contiguous 48 states.

Why Fractional Positions?

Fractional vs Agency

Fractional solutions ensure that you receive 1:1 attention and with Fronteras 100% in-house staff it is as if we are in the room with you. We adapt to your culture.  Lost in translation is a risk that you never have to worry about. 

While you get the benefit of 1:1 attention with our fractional positions, Fronteras brings the best aspect of an agency without the frustrations.  Your fractional provider is backed by the collective expertise of the entire Fronteras team without wasting time in communication or execution of your projects.

Fractional Tech and Marketing

Unsure of your needs?

Schedule a free strategy call and allow us to recommend the best solution for your need.

You are not alone in your struggle

Great Resignation - "Quiet Quitting" - Declining Productivity - Rising Labor Costs

It was yet another blow for employers struggling to keep employees engaged. First, there was the “great resignation.” And now there's quiet quitting.

Jing Pan

But more recent data has shown productivity declining. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 7.5% decline in labor productivity during the first quarter of 2022, the steepest decline since 1947.

Jon Jones

How fractional skills can be the solution you've been looking for...

Fractional hiring brings a lot of efficiency to the organization. Cost-effectiveness in hiring resources brings cost efficiency for the organization. As the deliverables are clear cut for the fractional hires, this aspect creates well-defined structures.

Devashish Dey

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